Thursday, September 2, 2010


For the last week or so we have, for the first time this year, had no volunteers staying in Buddha Garden. It has come at a good time as we are just in the process of finishing a lot of building work - inner fence and 16 new raised beds. We hope these changes will make it easier to grow more food for the community with our volunteer labour.

Now it seems that this is changing as two volunteers turned up yesterday and several are booked to come later this month. I was working with the two volunteers this morning and as usual they asked a lot of questions about Auroville; how I came to be there, what I thought of various issues.

Then one of them asked me 'Are you happy in Auroville?'

At the time we were weeding and I realised that yes, at that moment, doing the job I was doing, being in contact with the earth and the plants, I was very happy indeed. At that moment I was in contact with the real spirit of Auroville, doing something that brings me great joy creating something for the community.

It is a moment to carry in my heart and feel again next time I am upset by something I see going on in my life. A moment that is like a present from the earth which I feel very privileged to care for.